Drum Roll Please... 

We have a new feature that I am loving on Facebook! It's a change that I think you will like- GO FIGURE! 

Introducing, Facebook's PAGES FEED! 

So now, all of you who were so worried about not being able to show up in "feeds" on this famous social media site, can breathe a little sigh of relief! 

It's in the left hand column of your home page under "Pages" (See the screen shot below). When you click on that, you can now see the feeds from ALL of the Pages you are connected too! 

What does this mean for you as a page owner? Not much, except for the fact, that your "fans" or followers have a place they can go to get the latest information from great products, services and brands that they love (including YOU!). 

Now, you still need to make your content engaging; i.e. posting pictures and content people can relate to. If your content is engaging enough, Facebook will plop it into your fan's news feed (at least for now). 

So the moral of this story is:  don't give up on your fan page! 


11/17/2012 2:19pm

Facebook's much debated algorithm still functions in the Pages Newsfeed. Go ahead and look at your pages newsfeed, and you'll notice that you're NOT seeing all of the updates from all of the pages that you've liked. You're only seeing the best updates from some of the pages you liked.

06/20/2013 1:29pm

Thank you Rebecca for this sharing! Your approach for Facebook's PAGES FEED is very objective solution! Wish you good luck in your social activity in 2013.

marv entis
12/12/2012 3:35pm

how do we find our daughter wendy's wedding pics?


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